Profile of -UetaHiroshi-


Contemporary Japanese calligraphy artwork and designwork

〈English follows Japanese〉

筆文字によるタトゥーデザインや 本の装丁を手掛ける。
2001年からはサザビーズNY へ出品販売。
2002年制作の場を京都に移し、2005年京都市美術協会より新鋭美術作家に選出。 2006年よりオーストラリア・ゴールドコーストのギャラリーにて常設展示販売。
2007年シャカラビッツ『満天の星を探そうとも空は見ない』のプロモーションビデオに出演。アートシドニー、韓国国際アートフェア、木津川アート、Water tower art fest(ブルガリア)等のアートイベントに参加。
同じく「絵本 化鳥」の題字を制作。(2作共にアジアデザインアワード2013にてメリット賞、ブロンズ賞受賞)。NMB48渡辺美優紀さんの書道パフォーマンス監修や株式会社男前豆腐店や叶匠寿庵、柊家旅館等の商品ロゴを手掛ける。

Born in Hyogo,Japan in 1974.He started studying Shodo(calligraphy) in childhood, learning from his mother, and graduated from Shikoku University in 1996 , majoring in Japanese calligraphy.
In 1998 he went to China in order to pursue the roots of Shodo , and studied at Hangzhou University.
He moved to Toronto,Canada in 2000.
His exhibition sales and one-men show in a gallery in Toronto caught the attention of an art dealer in 2001, and his works were sold at Sotheby’s in New York.
He moved to Kyoto in 2002.
The Kyoto City Society for Fine Arts designated him as an up-and-coming arts novelist In 2005.
He participated in Art Sydney 2006, and Korea International Art Fair 2007.
He won the honorary award in the international art exhibition of calligraphy 2008 in China. Won the prizes at Design For Asia Award 2013 for title artworks for two picture books.
As well as holding one-man/group exhibitions both at home and abroad, he provided designing works for folding fan, Japanese traditional clothes (KIMONO) and accessory.
He collaborated with other artists or craftsmen on the artworks.
To introduce the pleasure of SHODO and art expression, he performed workshop, and interview/appearance on domestic and international media.
He now works at Calligraphic Culture Department, Shikoku University.